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The pen that checks for spelling errors on paper

24 July 2013

From Mail Online:

A pair of German inventors have created a digital pen that can check for spelling mistakes in handwriting.

The Lernstift, which is German for learning pen, has a built-in sensor that recognises writing movements and tracks the shape of the letters to recognise words. It then vibrates when a mistake is made.

Lernstift also has Wi-Fi built-in and the pen can be connected a smartphone or PC to upload written texts online, share them on social networks or take part in writing training.

Link to the rest at Mail Online and thanks to Jeanne for the tip.

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11 Comments to “The pen that checks for spelling errors on paper”

  1. This seems like a nifty gadget that has almost no market in 2013.

  2. I rarely misspell words. I often correctly spell the wrong word. Can someone invent a way to highlight those mistakes?

  3. Maybe it would make a nice stylus for tablets and smartphones?

  4. A pen that can buzz at me while I write the grocery list because I love to spell ‘cheese’ with a Z? No thanks.

    Cute idea, tho. Bzzt.

  5. There could be applications for the pen for students with disabilities since it provides immediate feedback. As a former director of disability services at a college, I can see a use for this kind of technology within this context.

  6. I think this is a rare example of a German joke.

  7. I suspect that this is intended for students just learning to write or dyslexics. And for those groups, it may well be a useful tool.

    And Lexi, Germans do have a sense of humour. And nobody here has cared about David Hasselhoff in twenty years.

  8. It would be a useful device if it could detect the error /before/ I wrote it in ink.

  9. @ Jeff – Lol!

    So, what will they come up with next?

    When I was young, we had something called white-out. And carbon paper.

    And we liked ‘em.

    (not really.)

  10. But would the pen be able to read my writing in order to find my spelling errors? I can’t.

  11. and if you spell a word wrong you get zapped by a milde electric shock – enhancing the learning curve.

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