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Faster Delivery, Greater Selection, and Cheaper Prices

29 October 2013

Amazon’s business is built on three basic concepts: faster delivery, greater selection, and cheaper prices.

In service of that, it has built enormous warehouses staffed that shuttle around, pulling goods out of bins at remarkable speed. It can take just a matter of minutes to go from order to shipment.

And lately it’s pursuing a program where Amazon goes directly into manufacturers and manages their logistics and online retailing.

Read it all at NPR Moving In With Manufacturers


2 Comments to “Faster Delivery, Greater Selection, and Cheaper Prices”

  1. I think the whole bundle can be wrapped up in two words: customer service. Today, I got a weird error message as I was ordering my son’s Halloween present. In two seconds, I had Renee on chat, helping me sort out the situation. Many other companies would have said, “Not my problem.”

  2. This relates to that “Midas Touch” article earlier. Amazon’s real gold is customer loyalty. They make it so easy and pleasant to shop at their site that people keep coming back. They make their devices easy and pleasant to use so people keep buying content for them.

    I know every time I have an unpleasant experience somewhere else, I think, “Ugh, next time I’m going to Amazon.”

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