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Life Will Out.

30 October 2013

Nature reclaims Mt. St. Helens.  Photos from NASA.

Prepare to be amazed.  Here.

Thanks, PG, for allowing me the privilege of acting as guest host. Hope your research went well.

Julia Barrett


3 Comments to “Life Will Out.”

  1. Nice. Always interesting to see.

  2. My cousin lived nearby all those years ago. She sent pictures of her and her neighbors’ cars covered with ash like snow. They were in Steilacoom, miles away from the blast.

  3. I was living in Tumwater, Washington at the time. It was a gorgeous day and we had softball practice that afternoon. We could see the giant plume from the field. I still have a little bottle of ash from the March 25th eruption which came our way, unlike the big May 18th one which didn’t. My brother-in-law lived in Pullman, 300 miles away, and made a fortune that summer cleaning ash out of gutters.

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