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I think I would have died

4 December 2013

I think I would have died if there hadn’t been the women’s movement. It gave me a vision that I could do something different, and it gave me an understanding that I wasn’t a monster, or sport, or a betrayer of my family.

Dorothy Allison


7 Comments to “I think I would have died”

  1. Hmm, the same Dorothy Allison who failed to make much sense for me last time.
    I always knew I was as smart as a man. The women’s movement with its bra burnings and other crazy antics simply made me cringe.
    Women have always known they had brains. They just didn’t always use them because it seemed simpler or safer not to. And besides they were too busy having children and taking care of them. And keeping other women in line.

    • I think sometimes it takes the over-the-top crazy antics to draw enough media attention to an issue that people will actually stop and think about the real human impact of that issue — look past the crazy antics, I suppose, and see the real story. Kind of like Pride Week in the gay rights movement.

    • I am very thankful to the feminists who threw away their bras, because bras are a truly horrible garment. There apparently are women who actually like wearing bras, just as there are women who like wearing thongs, and more power to them. But for those of us who don’t like bras, feminists doing away with the requirement to wear them was a godsend. Too bad that bras started to creep in again via the US. I remember how shocked I was to see that every woman was wearing a bra, even very young girls without any breasts to speak of, when I visited the US in the late 1980s, because in Europe only older women wore bras. Now even teenagers are wearing bras and are boggled when you tell them, “It’s not a requirement, you know.”

      • I remember hating bras when I first tried them on, but quickly discovered they had a point. I STILL have hardly anything to speak of, but I also experience discomfort working hard or running, etc. if I’m not wearing that rather practical garment. If I don’t expect a lot of exertion and do expect to be cold, I’ll throw on a cami instead.

    • I agree to a large degree. One of the things that comes out more and more is, expectations and biased historical record-keeping aside, women have ALWAYS done a lot and been super-intelligent and inventive, etc. They have been amazing and influential and powerful throughout all our history, and it was Toqueville (sp?) who credited America’s greatness with the superiority of our women.

  2. I completely agree, Dorothy. I feel the same.

    Those who fight for freedom and against intense discrimination will face so much opposition from so many corners, that they need solidarity with others in the same position.

    • I totally agree with Dorothy as well.

      The very limited possibilities open to women pre approx. 1970 may not have bothered all women, particularly those who actually liked being wives and mothers. But those like myself who wanted something else from life would have been smothered in the atmosphere of the day.

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