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13 Bookstagram Accounts Every Book Lover Should Follow

15 May 2018

From Paperback Paris:

As much as I hate to admit it, a very good portion of my downtime is committed to looking at bookish things on Instagram. From images of my favorite books to shelfies, book hauls and reading books, I am constantly looking for beautiful images of books. From creative inspiration to recommendations for new books to read, Instagram is a great place to turn for all things book related thanks to the Bookstagram community.

While it’s easy to find book related images on Instagram, the bookish Instagram community is very large. Featuring a wide and varied number of Bookstagrammers, or people who have accounts dedicated to all things book related, Instagram is without a doubt one of the best places to go for book inspiration. While there are hundreds of active accounts that feature stunning book related images, here’s a list of some of the Bookstagram accounts that will appeal to book lovers from all walks of life.

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5. abookishloveaffair

Bookstagram Accounts
Instagram (@abookishloveaffair)

Fans of YA fantasy, rejoice, for @abookishloveaffair is a dream come true. Featuring simplistic themed snapshots of all of your favorites, including The Raven Cycle and Harry Potter, this Bookstagram account will have you longing to re-read your favorite books.









6. cosyreads

Bookstagram Accounts
Instagram (@cosyreads)

@cosyreads is one of the most stunning Bookstagram accounts out there. Featuring beloved books of varying genres, these images are enhanced by the use of lights, small props, flowers and ribbons to create breathtakingly inspirational works of art.

The images found on the @cosyreads account will put you in a state of calm while you prepare to read your favorite books, as Mia’s images feature books, candles, coffee and snacks that will transport you to your favorite reading spot.



Link to the rest at Paperback Paris


PG will state the obvious about successful Instagram accounts – they include interesting photographs.

However, while a nice camera is a lot of fun, a cell phone camera and some free or low-cost in-phone post-processing apps can turn the most mundane of photo subjects into a unique visual presence.

PG took photos of some quite mundane features of Casa PG and spend about 10 minutes giving them a grungy look which is quite different from the frequently cute, quaint and craftsy images PG has seen on Instagram (for the record, Casa PG is not at all grungy (other than PG’s desk)).








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  1. Do all those “book lovers” actually read, or are pretty pictures now all it takes to be a book lover?

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