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Joe Konrath’s Helping Hand

25 March 2011

Joe Konrath is usually throwing bombs at traditional publishing and beating drums for the indie life.

This morning, he did something completely different – helped out a struggling indie author who is living in Hawaii. Kiana Davenport has sold all her good clothes and jewelry to survive and is thinking about taking an ocean swim and never coming back.

After Joe read her letter, he started a campaign to buy her book on Amazon. When he wrote his post, Kiana’s book, House of Skin, was ranked #134,555. I just checked and it’s now up to #305, so she’ll receive a decent check from Amazon this month.

Kiana’s book may not be your cup of tea, but here’s a link to buy House of Skin for $1.99 if you want to help her out.

You can read a lot more details at Joe Konrath’s blog

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