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Best Practices For Amazon Ebook Sales

22 April 2011

Author Carolyn McCray talks about the keys to successfully launching your book on Amazon and has some suggestions I don’t recall seeing elsewhere.


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While you cannot control this horizontal scroll bar filled with other titles directly (Amazon uses an algorithm to place the books in an order of their choosing), you can influence this greatly, especially at launch.

The longer you allow an empty or sparse scroll bar in this section, the lower your sales will be.

On scanning down, if a reader does not see that row filled to capacity, they know that your book has not been purchased very often. Therefore, you aren’t popular. Therefore why should they take a chance and buy your title?

There are a couple of ways to accelerate the filling of this bar:

  • Have family/friends/colleagues/fans buy your book during a ‘soft’ launch (pre-advertising, or promoting your book on social media).
  • Price your book at 99 cents (the lowest allowed by Amazon) and drive as much traffic as you can during your ‘soft’ launch window. Once you have the bar filled you can re-price your book.

. . . .

Product Description

This is a very poorly understood section of the Amazon page. Do NOT use this vital section for an actual product description. Think of this section as the exciting and enticing copy you would load into your ¼ page magazine ad.

. . . .

First off, note any awards or accomplishments for either the writer or the book itself. Establish yourself/book as an authority on the subject or prove that it is popular. Keep this BRIEF however. This initial portion of your “Product Description” should be at most 2-3 sentences.

If you have not won any awards or have not been recommeneded and/or blurbed by a celebrity/authority, do not worry. It is nice to have that flashy start, but you can easily just begin with the next section.

Put your best 3 quotes/blurbs/reviews for your book (punchy, short, exciting). Again, each quote, etc should not be longer than a few sentences.

Remember that most people do not scroll down past the “Product Details” to the official reviews section of the Amazon.com page. So unless you show a prospective reader your reviews here, they may never make it over the ‘jump’ of the “Product Details.”

You want to get your most glowing, punchy, exciting quotes out front. Don’t hold back. This is a MAJOR section where buyers abort the purchase funnel. Therefore this is where you need to really grab their attention. If you don’t excite the reader here, you will quite possibly lose a sale.

After these initial 3 quotes, put a brief style description of your book. Do NOT go into specifics about the book. You will lose the excitement you just built. Keep your energy up and driving towards a sale. Remember this is ad copy not a by-the-numbers description or even your typical back cover copy. This is a sales pitch.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World

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