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Social Networking – Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

21 April 2011

This is turning into social network day. Author Dawn McClure asks the question: How do you balance social networking and writing?

Passive Guy has to watch himself on this one. It’s so much easier to send another tweet than it is to rewrite a scene that has never worked.

Here is Dawn’s answer:

Once upon a time, Dawn McClure loved to write. Right after making her coffee in the morning, she’d shuffle to her computer and open her WIP. After a few minutes of yawning and stretching, she’d put the cursor where it belonged and let the words come.

Let’s drop third person and fast forward a few years.

I still get my coffee first thing in the morning, but now when I plop down at my desk I open Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Instant Messenger and check emails – in that order. I hit my favorite blogs and usually work on my own blog post. Oh, and sometimes I open my WIP.

. . . .

Let me throw this out there before I go on – the BEST thing you can do to ‘get your name out there’ is write a great book. And another. And another. If you find yourself lost in the social networking conundrum, unable to tear yourself away from Twitter for more than an hour, there’s something wrong. But if you’re a disciplined little networker, read on…

. . . .

Twitter & Facebook are king of the hill right now. I can’t tell you the last time I heard someone mention MySpace, so I’m not even going there. My best advice for Twitter/FB – ALWAYS try and get your full pen name on your Twitter/Facebook account. It helps readers find you by simply searching for your name. I have DawnMcClure for Twitter and Dawn McClure for Facebook. Using WriterGurl isn’t going to get you recognized.

. . . .

Yahoo Groups. There are SO many Yahoo Groups that feature writers and authors. The good Yahoo groups will unload TONS of emails to your inbox, so tread carefully. Sometimes digest is the way to go. Wicked Writers is a great Yahoo group. Lots of readers on Wicked Writers.

Link to the rest at Savvy Authors

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