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Indie Bookstores Boycott Indie Authors

23 May 2011

When people come under financial stress, some of them do stupid things.

Amazon has started a mystery publishing company, Thomas & Mercer, to publish both ebooks and books that will be sold through bookstores. One of the first four titles Thomas & Mercer will release is J.A. Konrath’s and Blake Crouch’s Stirred.

Apparently, some indie bookstores are trying to organize a boycott of Konrath’s and Crouch’s books because of the Thomas & Mercer announcement.

Let’s consider that, A) in a time when traditional publishers are under severe financial pressure and releasing fewer books for bookstores to sell, B) a new publisher with a very deep-pocketed backer starts up and plans to print books for bookstores to sell as well as release ebooks (like every other sane publisher on the planet does) and C) the indie bookstores decide to boycott this new publisher.

Can you say self-destructive behavior?

Raise your hand if you think this boycott will cause Amazon to stop selling ebooks.

Excerpts from Joe Konrath’s blog:

I’ve also heard that certain booksellers want to return any books of mine they have in stock as a punitive measure.

So signing a deal with Amazon makes me the enemy of bookstores?

Me, who has signed at over 1200 bookstores? Who has thanked over 1500 booksellers by name in the acknowledgements of my novels? Who has named five major characters in my series after booksellers?

Now I’m the bad guy, for wanting to continue my series and make a living?

You may know that my publisher, Hyperion, dropped my Jack Daniels series after six books, even though they continue to sell well as backlist titles. The only way I could get print books in the series into the hands of fans was to sign with another publisher.

Thomas & Mercer stepped up to the plate to give my fans what they want: more Jack Daniels books.

Amazon allowed me to get into bookstores–something self-pubbing couldn’t do for me without a lot of extra work on my part. They offered me a terrific deal, and have done more marketing and promotion than any of the publishers I’ve previously worked with.

Link to the rest at Joe Konrath

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5 Comments to “Indie Bookstores Boycott Indie Authors”

  1. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Good god! When you posted last week about vultures circling, you weren’t kidding, you were prescient! Yeah, I know, kinda out of context but I’m getting the same visual – well, maybe a pack of wolves fighting over a dying elk is more apt.

  2. Julia – Like I say, people get crazy when they see themselves on the edge of the brink of the precipice.

  3. Odd (destructive) behavior indeed. If anyone, I’d think that Indie bookstores would be the ones most open to Indie authors — esp. authors with a track record of selling books.

  4. You know what most impressed me, PG … in taking the high road (Joe and Blake could have called for boycotts of their own, and theirs could have really hurt the indy bookstores), J&Bl actually mapped out some fantastic ideas for the indy bookstores to pursue.

    I made a living once in hedge funds/private equity/venture capital. What I found, in general (from reading hundreds of business plans), was that certain people just have great heads for success (read: Konrath & Crouch)… and certain people don’t (read: the Indy foolish enough to call for the boycott in the first place).

    Not only did J&B both create their own successes with not a little innovative thinking (not counting their story concepts) but they came up with real, actionable ideas that would totally benefit every indy bookstore that heeds them … and then they even went a step further and offered their catalogs!

    Shout out to indy bookstores! Here’s some more free advice … act on what Joe and Blake told you to do … and shake their hands and buy them pints after you reap the rewards from their advice!

    PG, Joe and Blake … first round’s on me whenever you gentlemen come to Las Vegas! 9-)

    • Gerard – I couldn’t agree more. Konrath and Crouch are very savvy business guys and Konrath is a genius at self-publicity. He always keeps the tone right so he doesn’t come off like an egotist, just a hard-working blue collar type trying to look at publishing with a practical eye.

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