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Why Did Romance Author Courtney Milan Go Indie?

31 May 2011

Hint – Money had something to do with it. But so did her readers.


[I]t’s better for me. Other people have explained why they’ve decided it’s in their economic self-interest to self-publish, and so I’m not going to repeat the explanation.

My actual calculations were more involved, but quick-and-dirty: Harlequin pays me 8% of the digital cover price of my books; so assuming I sell no print books, I make more money self-publishing when 31.9% of my sales are digital. Digital sales breached the 30% mark in February of this year.

The fact that I’d come out ahead financially was not my only consideration. I’ve gotten e-mails from people all over the world who want to know why e-versions are not available in the UK or Australia. The answer? Blah, blah, longwinded version here.  (http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2010/10/31/cowry-shells-goats-and-geographic-restrictions/)

If I control my own distribution, I make sure that anyone in the world can buy my book on the day of release at a reasonable price.

I still care about print readers. My full-length works will be available in trade paperback, priced comparably to trade paperbacks from traditional publishers. They will be orderable through Ingrams. I’ve chosen to use Lightning Source rather than CreateSpace because even though the terms are slightly better for CreateSpace, Lightning Source has a division in the UK and is building a fulfillment center in Australia, and so I think that will overall be better situation for readers and independent bookstores.

. . . .

If I self-publish, print versions of my books will be available forever.

Finally, I’m dedicated to producing the highest quality books that I can. My readers deserve no less. If I feel that a method of publishing threatens the quality of my books, I will walk away from it, no matter the financial implications for me.

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2 Comments to “Why Did Romance Author Courtney Milan Go Indie?”

  1. Big step. Many more traditionally pubbed romance authors will be following in her footsteps. Better hop on that bandwagon quick! She’s right about quality – it will almost always win out.

    • Julia – Ultimately, marketing, publicity, positioning, distribution etc., just get the reader to the first page of the story. The author has to hold onto them from there on forward.

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