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Google Makes Facebook Look Socially Awkward

10 July 2011

A Wall Street Journal prediction that Google+ which is currently in beta, will give Facebook a serious battle for users. PG admits the description of Google+ addresses some of the things he doesn’t like about FB.


Rule No. 2 is to deliver a better service. Adopting a new social network could prove similar to adopting a new email address: Many will try it out, but to keep using it, they have got to be given good reason. That Gmail offered significantly more storage space than typical Web mail meant millions were willing to make the switch. Similarly, Google+ offers upgrades on what many perceive to be Facebook’s shortcomings.

For starters, Google+ gives users a handy way to organize their social contacts into different “circles”—friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.—with which they can share appropriate things. Though Facebook now offers the option to create “Groups,” users broadcast their information to everyone by default.

. . . .

The biggest hurdle for Google+ is getting users, of course. But it is integrating the service with Gmail, which already has 240 million unique users world-wide, according to comScore. Meanwhile, the user experience on Facebook is a victim of the site’s success. Users have accumulated so many online “friends” it can be difficult to organize them. And users often feel assaulted by too much or irrelevant social information, like Zynga game updates. Ultimately, Google+ is a chance for social networkers to start over.

Link to the rest at Wall Street Journal

There is a more detailed analysis of Google+ at PC World and a very-detailed user-created Google+ Guide reportedly written by 120 people at the same time, with Chinese, German (Tips und Tricks) and Russian versions being created simultaneously. PG wonders how that would work for a quick romance novel.



10 Comments to “Google Makes Facebook Look Socially Awkward”

  1. Facebook could stand to have some competition. Maybe it would make them more responsive to their customer base.

  2. Like the idea of Google+ being easier than Facebook. The guide written (supposedly) by 120 people is easy to understand. If it all works like it is supposed to work then I’ll give it a go.

  3. This is starting to look so good that I may have to throw my resistance aside. Google has a history of doing one-better on its components as it grows, besides, Facebook is so… 2005!

    Or something…

    • Richard – For me, Facebook always involves a loopy relative who posts kitten pictures.

      • Mr Snufflepants takes exception to that.

        For me, Facebook involves my own thoughts on some of the more topical things in this world, and my rural-Montanan, staunchly-conservative, old-HS-mates telling me that I don’t make any sense and/or will burn in hell.

        Good times.

        PS – I’m sure I roll some eyes when I post about how smart my 4-yo is, but I get points for teaching her to write “bumface” as one of her first words.

  4. Exactly.

  5. Even Mark Zuckerberg thinks it’s good: he’s the top user of the Beta version of Google+! Goes to show he’s clever and wants to understand how it works from the inside so he can import the good lessons to his own site!

    Thanks for pointing all this out, as always, you’re on top of the news! I’d just like to add that one can sign up for Beta Google+ but entry for the moment is not possible (too full, it seems!)

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