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How Self-Publishing Changes the Bond Between Readers and Writers

16 July 2011

Passive Guy didn’t see this post by author Mary Tod on Joel Friedlander’s always-excellent blog when the post first appeared.

PG has an excuse. The post happened before The Passive Voice floated into his head.

He can hardly remember those days any more. What did he do before all-blog-all-the-time?

Was he a sheepherder or did he cultivate orchids? It must be one of the two.

Excerpts from Mary via Joel:

In the old-world model writers connected with readers primarily through intermediaries like book stores and book clubs plus the occasional public appearance at a reading or book tour. All that has changed.

. . . .

Provocatively, Kate Pullinger, fiction writer and explorer of the future of publishing, says “connecting readers to writers is the only possible future of publishing”. In the realm of self-publishing, this is even more critical. Writers need to consider how they will connect with readers and communities to facilitate at least three things: developing and improving what you offer (books, workshops, speaking engagements, online book signings, online book clubs), marketing and selling, and providing your customers with care and attention.

. . . .

  • Listening – create ways to listen to your readers and collect data about what you hear; use focus groups and surveys to support regular listening mechanisms. Make sure you respond when they ‘talk’ to you.
  • Customer knowledge – find out why people buy your products (or not), why they recommend you to others (or not), why they are repeat buyers. Understand what else they buy.
Link to the rest at The Book Designer

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3 Comments to “How Self-Publishing Changes the Bond Between Readers and Writers”

  1. Yes, you were herding sheep. Rent Sweetgrass from Netflix – documentary about herding sheep. Is that you doing all the cussing and crying?
    I love this pre-Passive Guy post.

  2. I think you were probably reading my blog/mind and after you got done sorting through all of my wishes for a beer-powered horse with a saddle made of chocolate that farts Metallica, you probably saw my wishes for a blog like this and wanted to fulfill them.

    If for no other reason than maybe you don’t care for Metallica, yet still wanted to make me happy.

  3. Thanks Julia and Judd for filling in the mental blank that is life before TPV.

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