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Impressive Book About Self-Publishing – Free, If You Want It That Way

20 July 2011

Earlier today, Passive Guy blogged about David Gaughran’s new book, released today, Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-PublishAnd Why You Should 

PG expects we’ve all seen a few of the ten zillion self-publishing books floating around the net. PG’s Twitter feeds relating to indie writing . If you don’t believe PG enter the term “self-publishing” in your Twitter search box and check out the stream. (David’s book is showing up in lots of Tweets this morning, but you’ll see many others.)

Because Passive Guy hasn’t read all ten zillion how-to-self-pub books, he can’t say definitively that David’s is in the top 1%, but after scanning David’s book (175 pages, so it’s substantive), he’s willing to bet it is.

One indication is the Table of Contents from David’s book:

Why I Decided to Self-publish
1. Challenges Facing the Publishing Industry
2. Copying Mistakes Made by the Music Business
3. Could Piracy Be Good for Authors?
4. Royalties
5. What We Talk About When We Talk About Editing
6. Literary Agents
7. The 800lb Gorilla: Amazon
8. Print Is Doomed
9. E-book Dominance Is Inevitable
10. Publishers: The New Travel Agents?
11. Self-publishing Myths
12. It’s a Great Time to Be a Writer

The Biggest Mistake Self-publishers Make
Step 1: Write Your Story
Step 2: Design Your Cover
Step 3: Edit Your Story
Step 4: Format Your Story
Step 5: Uploading and Pricing
Step 6: Blogging and Websites
Step 7: Social Networking
Step 8: Reviews
Step 9: Competitions, Discounts, Giveaways and Blog Tours
Step 10: What Happens When Your Sales Just Stop?

1. Cheryl Shireman
2. Victorine Lieske3
3. Michael Hicks
4. CJ Archer
5. Beth Orsoff
6. Bob Mayer
7. Debora Geary
8. Sibel Hodge
9. Consuelo Saah Baehr
10. Steven Hawk
11. Suzanne Tyrpak
12. Mel Comley
13. Jason Letts
14. Melanie Nilles
15. Jan Hurst-Nicholson
16. KC May
17. Terri Reid
18. Gerald Hawksley
19. N Gemini Sasson
20. Susanne O’Leary
21. Mark Williams
22. Shayne Parkinson
23. Stacey Wallace Benefiel
24. Sarah Woodbury
25. Kenneth Rosenberg
26. Katie Klein
27. Nell Gavin
28. Martin C. Sharlow
29. William Esmont
30. Lexi Revellian
31. J Carson Black
32. Imogen Rose
33. Mark Edwards

Appendix A: Shorter Stories
Appendix B: The International Market
Appendix C: Practicalities
Appendix D: Resources

You can check it out free if you go to Amazon and download the sample to your Kindle or download the entire book as a PDF.

PG says it’s definitely worth a look.

David Gaughran, Self-Publishing

7 Comments to “Impressive Book About Self-Publishing – Free, If You Want It That Way”

  1. I downloaded the PDF and gave it the Evelyn Wood treatment. David did a nice job on it. It’s definitely worth adding to your library.

    He has a donation page on his site. If you’re considering buying the ebook from Amazon or B&N (yes, I’m a proud Nook user), you may want to consider getting the PDF and then donating, so 100% passes through to David.


    • Hey Rich,

      Thank you for your comments.

      The book isn’t in B&N yet (I’m international, and they don’t let us in (but you can get an EPUB which will work at Smashwords). How do PDFs look on a Nook? I gather they don’t render that well on most e-readers.

      I don’t mind which version people go for, but I wanted to stress that donation is strictly optional, and people are completely free to download without donating.


    • Good point about donations, Rich.

  2. Just downloaded it. David has some serious wisdom in there. I’ll spread the word.

  3. David’s book is an excellent guide that analyzes the current state of traditional vs. self-publishing. It also highlights many best practices that are currently being adopted by self-publishers for those who want to learn from successful authors. Great work! I made it through half of the pdf last night. I would have made it through all but my wife yelled at me to get some sleep.

  4. I may be in it, but I didn’t get to read it until today. Part 1 is a really great analysis of what’s going on in the publishing industry right now–the best summary I’ve seen so far, and part 2 is a comprehensive instruction book for doing-it-yourself. Almost made me want to self-publish. . . oh wait . . . I already did 🙂

  5. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.

    Great in depth look at all the areas of publishing. He even discusses why I only use Smashwords because of extra fee for those outside the selected area of Amazon influence. I am tweeting this book to everyone. 🙂

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