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I predict…the next ten (ebook/book) trends

22 August 2011

Erotic science fiction, paranormal and contemporary romance author and regular visitor and commenter Julia Barrett predicts the future:

I predict:

1.  Publishers and agents will continue their undying love affair with the undead.  Vampires will reign supreme.
2.  YA will continue to sell (to adults because I maintain most of it is written with adult sensibilities in mind).  The majority of stories will continue to be a tri-mera of Harry Potter meets The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe meets Lord of the Rings.  Add a little from Twilight,  the occasional smattering of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern, and throw in some of Ursula Le Guin’s Wind In the Door for good measure.  There will be rare outstanding exceptions.

. . . .

6.  Publishers and agents will continue to pay lip service to contemporary romance and romantic suspense, but that’s all.
7.  Readers will become reacquainted with the art of the short story, thanks to the wonderful world of self-publishing.

Link to the rest at Julia Barrett’s World

Self-Publishing, The Business of Writing

5 Comments to “I predict…the next ten (ebook/book) trends”

  1. Thanks, PG! Glad you posted my cleaned-up version. I’m sometimes too outspoken for my own good!

  2. Um, Madeleine L’Engle wrote A Wind in the Door, not Ursula K. LeGuin. To be fair, they are two of my favorite writers and I frequently read either one of them when I a) want to be inspired and b) need to get over any illusions I’m anywhere near mastering my craft. It’s easy to conflate the two.

    Other than that, I think these predictions are probably very close to what will be. I’m hoping #7 is.

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