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Opening Your Own Online Bookstore

28 September 2011

Some of you know this, but others don’t.

You can create your own online bookstore that is completely powered by Amazon. You can pick the books, the genres, etc.

Here is one example from something called the Independent Author Network.

Here is where Amazon will give you the tools to build your own. Free.

Here’s another example from a company that sells online software to help you set up a store. PG blogged about a third store many months ago, but he can’t find the post. There are many, many of these stores, some selling books, others selling all the other things Amazon offers.

Do you make money? Yes, you do. On every sale via the Amazon Associates program. (Unless you’re in a state that’s trying to make Amazon collect sales tax.)

So, if you ever thought you could do a better job than any bookstore at selecting books people will love, go ahead and set one up.

Even if you’re not hankering to become a bookstore manager, sign up for the Amazon Associates program anyway and build links to your own books on your own blog or website. When people click and buy, you’ll be paid a percentage of the sales price for your book and everything else they may buy on Amazon for an hour.

PG once figured out that Mrs. PG made more money from the Associates program than she did from traditional publisher royalties for every book she sold through her website.


2 Comments to “Opening Your Own Online Bookstore”

  1. Thanks for posting about this, PG! I had to read the last sentence of your post twice. I’m not sure if that says more about the state of publishing and their royalty offerings or the success of Amazon. Either way, very cool. Your new editing feature works nicely, btw.

  2. Thanks for the link, PG. I would otherwise have missed this among all the uproar over the new Kindles, even though I likely will be playing with this program long before I ever play with a Kindle.

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