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To believe in youth is to look backward

26 November 2011

Paradoxical as it may seem, to believe in youth is to look backward; to look forward we must believe in age.

Dorothy L. Sayers


3 Comments to “To believe in youth is to look backward”

  1. Nice. I also like George Bernard Shaw’s quote:

    “Youth is wasted on the young.” 🙂

  2. Hmm…how old was Sayers when she wrote that? And what does it even mean, “believe in”? We all know youth and age exist.

    Tiresome woman.

  3. As an author myself, I totally appreciate your blog and advice. This one, as always, hits a home run. It saddens me to see authors fawning over agents and treating them like gods. What saddens me even more is that some of them will learn the hard way and only then realize they had the advice there all along and chose to think with their emotions instead of their brains. After all, getting that agent was no easy feat for most, so none of them want to be told they might have to start over. They’re listening to agents because agents are telling them what they want to hear. You and Kris Rusch in particular are doing a super job of keeping those of us willing to listen up to date.

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