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Five Signs You’re Reading Too Much Young Adult Literature

27 December 2011

From Book Riot:

    1. You keep a spreadsheet to try to determine whether you exist in a utopia or a dystopia. (Corporate ownership of media? Dystopia. New Muppet movie on the horizon? Utopia.) You secretly hope it turns out to be a dystopia so you can demonstrate your awesomeness in some world-liberating way.
. . . .
    5. When a colleague suggests a round of charades before the end of a dinner party, you arm yourself with a steak knife and take refuge behind the largest armchair. You’re developing a reputation at baby showers.

Link to the rest at Book Riot


One Comments to “Five Signs You’re Reading Too Much Young Adult Literature”

  1. Isn’t this odd.
    I started in YA years ago, and recently returned because there are more interesting things for me to talk about in a YA than an adult book. (Adult literary fiction–It’s sort of like Bergman’s The Seventh Seal but with married people. They are disappointed in life–we won’t go into how life is disappointed in these narcissists. One has an affair–doesn’t matter which, they’re both the same but she has a girl’s name, that’s how you can tell them apart. They are devoid of emotion. Life drags on. Fin/the book ends.) Then I started to hear readers felt the same way. That’s when I started to put more sex in my books. Nothing graphic! Sheesh, kids could be reading these books.

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