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Nook Trade-in Program Announced

21 December 2011

From a Barnes & Noble press release:

To make last-minute shopping decisions even easier, Barnes & Noble is delivering an amazing trade-in offer for their in-demand and award-winning family of NOOK devices. Through December 24, 2011, customers can visit any Barnes & Noble bookstore and trade in their NOOK 1st Edition when they purchase any new NOOK device, and receive a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card free.

What’s more, Barnes & Noble is offering free shipping and gift wrapping on NOOK for the holidays. Online shoppers can order any NOOK by December 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm (EST) for free delivery in time for Christmas (December 24, 2011). And in any Barnes & Noble store, customers can have their newly purchased NOOK device gift-wrapped at no cost.

The gift cards — from this special promotion or those purchased separately online or in-store — can be used to purchase any digital or physical content from Barnes & Noble including NOOK accessories, NOOK Apps(TM) and more. NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color customers will also be able to apply their physical or digital Barnes & Noble gift cards while shopping on their devices.

Link to the rest at MarketWatch

This was issued yesterday and seems a bit last-minute. Passive Guy blogged about an Amazon trade-in program way back in October. Amazon’s program works for smartphones and Nooks too.

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4 Comments to “Nook Trade-in Program Announced”

  1. Then there is this fancy trade in program called eBay.

    You can sell eReaders for more than you might think[*] if you are willing to ship internationally. Which is not that hard.

    • Thanks for the tip, Chasm.

      • Everyone with an eBay account can search the completed auctions.
        A new Nook Simple Touch usually goes for more than the retail price. There was at least one vendor that bought Nooks during the special offer Target had before Black Friday and then sold them for ~$100 +s&h. Used ones still go regularly for $70-90.

        That’s a lot more than “up to $14.75” from the Amazon Trade in program.

        The situation for other readers is roughly the same. Old models are obviously not making as much but $50-70 for a Kindle 2 Wifi is not too bad either.

  2. I don’t see what’s so amazing about this offer. I have an original Nook 3G device, and while I had considered getting the tablet in addition to my original Nook, I don’t see much benefit in trading in my old one. I would still have to pay full price for the new Nook, as the gift card cannot be applied to the purchase of the new device. So I would probably use the gift card to buy a protective case, after which I would have a bit left over to apply toward buying some new books. But that’s really not much of an incentive to give up my old device, which has many features I like that the tablet doesn’t have (e-ink screen, 3G, longer battery life).

    I see this mainly as a way Barnes & Noble can reduce their expenses by getting customers switched from 3G to wireless. I don’t see any particular benefit to the customers, though. If they were offering a discount to get old customers to buy a second Nook, that would actually be a good deal. This, not as I see it.

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