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When Used Books Attack: Banana Edition

13 December 2011

From BookRiot:

At the bookstore where I work, we carry used books as well as new. People drop off boxes of their books, and we go through them and decide what we would like to sell in the store. We mostly receive fiction and nonfiction paperbacks, but occasionally, there is something delightful and unusual in the batch: An old Agatha Christie book in French; a book of poems about unicorns; a children’s book called “Arlo, the Dandy Lion”. But Tom, the store’s owner, found a book yesterday morning that can only be classified under ‘Things That Will Make You Claw at Your Own Eyes’. Behold: BE BOLD WITH BANANAS.

Link to the rest with many more pictures at BookRiot

Passive Guy can envision a blockbuster “Be Bold” series:

  • Be Bold with Bongos
  • Be Bold with Bitumen
  • Be Bold with Bronchitis
  • Be Bold with Bassoons
  • Be Bold with Badgers
  • Be Bold with Barbie

PG apologizes if your mind is now filled with words beginning with B.

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