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Bees will definately roi

29 January 2012

The latest prose from the spam bucket:

If you have a bee hive in home, the walls of your spot, or some other bout of a meaningful property, the most important therapy is often to please take a bee eliminating services accomplish to shed pounds named as resolution and so firewall removers.

May well terminate the bee hive and remove several honeycomb in order to reduce the potential risks in bees will definately roi or maybe because further invasion for being fascinated with the odor of the departed from hive.


5 Comments to “Bees will definately roi”

  1. I’m stunned I didn’t know this. I’m even more stunned I didn’t know “roi” could be used as a verb. I will now do so at every opportunity.

    Your spam bucket can’t compare to you for either educational or entertainment ROI, but it does ROI for readers willing to put on rubber gloves and reach in for diamonds like this one.

  2. Your spam bucket inspired me to start creating one of my own, PG. Mine isn’t as good for practical bee-keeping, but it does hint at answers to life’s big questions:

    “I think that the statement meant that The End is a dive…at least that is what it appears to be saying from a grammatical standpoint.”

  3. Eh?

  4. At least your bee-keeping tips are in a language you can read (well, sort of, given the author’s English skills). I keep getting lengthy spam comments in Polish. I even popped them into Google Translate and they still didn’t make sense, even when you understand the words.

  5. Gold dust!

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