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e-Book Cover Design Awards for December

16 January 2012

Book designer Joel Friedlander announces his latest ebook cover design winners:

Shereen Travels Cheap by Shereen Rayle

Despite the fact that this cover commits the usual sin of reducing a paperback cover to the point that the smaller type is hard to read, it’s impossible to resist. It perfectly expresses both the money-saving concept behind the book and a fun spirit of adventure that exemplifies the author’s idea of travel. And anyway, you don’t like pigs in sunglasses?

e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for December 2011 in Fiction


Synapse  by D. August Baertlein, design by Siri Weber Feeney. “We considered depicting three faces, since the novel is told in three voices, or showing the main protagonist, Jake, with his brain-damaged twin brother. While either of these would have sufficed, we felt that the single skeptical, vulnerable (and reworked) face of Jake would be the most compelling. It would also show up best when viewed as a thumbnail image online.”

Super job on a cover designed specifically for an e-book. Feeney is a highly-skilled children’s book illustrator. The simplified but engaging design is exactly what’s called for and here it’s carried out beautifully.

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