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What Would *Insert YA Heroine Here* Do?

22 January 2012

From BookRiot:

Sometimes, when faced with difficult real life situations, I find myself wondering how my favourite young adult heroines would feel and act in a similar context. I mean, the fact is that lots of them don’t really have to deal with these sorts of problems very often, which got my brain a-clickin’. How would our heroines deal with banal, everyday things like an annoying coworker or a website that won’t align properly or a car alarm going off? Or, in the flowcharts that follow, how would they cope with having to pay the rent?

Like, maybe Katniss from Hunger Games?

Link to the rest, including flow charts for Hermione and Bella at BookRiot


5 Comments to “What Would *Insert YA Heroine Here* Do?”

  1. No, Katniss doesn’t want vengeance. It’s thrust upon her to be the hero and example to all the suffering districts!

  2. Thanks for the link, PG! This and coffee in my new Wicked Witch of the West cup has made my Sunday complete.

  3. I particularly like the difference between Hermione and Bella..

  4. Hahahaha! Love this!

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