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Amazon Book Coupons

27 February 2012

Passive Guy just discovered Amazon’s book coupons page.

It looks like O’Reilly loves it.

Have any PV visitors used it?


13 Comments to “Amazon Book Coupons”

  1. There are 13 book coupons across all of Amazon?

  2. I’ve used Amazon coupons on non-book products (the offer shows up on the product page) but never saw any on a book page I’m visiting. The coupons I’ve used have been small — maybe $.25-$.50.

    I didn’t know you can go to one page to see all the coupons that are being offered. Thanks, PG.

  3. Amazon Coupons [or rather Promotional Codes] are something I’ve been looking for without success. Definitely an interest there .. thought maybe I was the only author until now.

  4. According to Amazon Author Central (I just got off the phone with one of their reps), Amazon has a team that handles discount promotions internally. They pick ’em. No way to generate them on our end.

  5. I wish we could do our own coupons on Amazon. Can you imagine listing your book for $12.99 and then having a $10.00 off coupon? I’d bet money you’d sell like crazy (perceived value and all).

  6. Thanks to all the commenters who answered all the questions I had when I read this post. Saved me tons of research!

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