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I Just Saw the Vox – Who is Kobo Kidding?

27 February 2012

From The Digital Reader:

I saw the Kobo Vox today for the first time, and I have to wonder what the hell is in the water up in Toronto.

A couple weeks back, Best Buy started carrying the Vox.  This was the first US retailer to do so, even though the Vox shipped 4 months ago.

. . . .

I spent about half an hour with the Vox, and it really, really confused me. I had assumed the Vox was one of the big 3 (KF, NT, and Vox), and it’s really not.

The Vox is nothing more than just another mid-level Android tablet. I couldn’t see any features, performance, or well, anything to recommend the Vox over the numerous tablets I played with last year.

It’s also clearly not worth $200; I have $150 and $100 tablets that offer a better value now.

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  1. If you live in Canada then you really don’t have a choice. I will say this. As an e-reader it works great and I was able to save enough money by converting my newspaper subscription to digital to pay for the Vox in 8 months.

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