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Like Him, I am a writer

27 February 2012

From author Gerard de Marigny:

A writer is born with the soul of an artist.

At birth, an empty vessel, but soon to be filled with knowledge and shaped by history, memories, people, places, and times … from long ago, and those that have not yet come. To express the writer’s soul, craft is studied and technique learned. Art is then created and the writer’s voice emerges.That voice can be as subtle as a whisper or as loud as thunder from the heavens, yet both can be heard with the same clarity.

A writer’s heart beats the same as the hearts of others, yet it races when an idea is born; it breaks, expressing someone else’s pain; it leaps for joy when it’s exposed honestly; and it bleeds continually, though the body remains healthy and alive.

Link to the rest at Gerard de Marigny

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  1. Like Him, I’ve done a bit of woodwork, too :o)

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