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Brazil: 11 Thousand eBooks & Counting

4 March 2012

From The Digital Reader:

The digital publishing experts at Simplissimo have just compiled a report. Based on their polling of major Brazilian ebook retailers, they now estimate that around 11,000 titles are being sold as ebooks in Brazil.

The survey was conducted back in January. According to their figures, Gato Sabido is the largest Brazilian ebook retailer with 7,292 ebooks in Portuguese. Saraiva, a Brazilian media retailer, came in second with 6,058 titles. Amazon, who hasn’t yet opened a local Kindle store in Brazil, came in third (3,849 titles in Portuguese).

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

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  1. This was SO helpful! I was looking into translating my series into Portuguese as my protaganist is half Brazillian but couldn’t find any data as to how many Brazillians actually buy ebooks. Thank you for this!

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