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How Many Interactive Books Are There in the iBookstore Two Months After the Launch?

19 March 2012

From Ebook Friendly:

On January 19th Apple announced the new publishing tools, getting as usual a huge media coverage. The common description was “reinventing the textbook for the iPad”.

An important part of the new ecosystem was a free authoring app for Mac computers – iBooks Author. Many people got excited with it, and immediately downloaded the app to play with it.

It’s two months after the announcement and it’s good to check what this reinventing means – both when it comes to interactive books published by top K-12 publishers, and self-published authors.

. . . .

When we count all books created with iBooks Author, not only the ones deserving to be placed in the Textbooks category, things look essentially better.

To read an interactive book you’ve got to have iPad with iBooks 2 installed. The copy associating each such book is “This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad”.

. . . .

This is big: up to 2,390 books created with iBooks Author were published in the iBookstore within two months! And we all know how restrictive Apple is about publishing content created with this authoring application.

To compare: there are 710 ebooks with audio/video in Kindle Store. It’s only 200 more than in September.

Link to the rest at Ebook Friendly

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3 Comments to “How Many Interactive Books Are There in the iBookstore Two Months After the Launch?”

  1. I just want to say one thing about this: I submitted my first iBooks Author-generated title THREE WEEKS ago and am still waiting for approval. Ironically the book is about iBooks Author. It’s also the “special interactive edition” of an existing title that’s been on the iBookstore (and Amazon and NOOK) since the beginning of February — and is selling well.

    Apparently, Apple isn’t very timely about reviewing and approving these books. I now have two in the queue and I’m not a happy camper, especially when I think about potential lost sales and the effort I made to include three hours of original video in the interactive book.

    So I’m not very happy with the way Apple is handling this. For Pete’s sake — I can get a PRINT book out in three weeks. There’s no good excuse for this delay.

    • This is par for the course with Apple. I know several people who have submitted apps to the Apps store and who have waited weeks or months to be rejected.
      To amazon self-publishers are customers, amazon sell you publishing services, just like they’ll sell you web services. And will give you the type of customer service you’d expect from amazon.
      However to Apple you’re a supplier and you should be grateful that Apple allow you to submit to them in the first place, never mind expecting any kind of timely response.
      Kind of like traditional publishers.

      • Ironically, after Smashwords successfully “ships” my short stories to Apple? They’ve historically been up well within the week they claim it takes to go online after “shipping.”

        I suppose we’ll see what they do with the novels; they’re under “fantasy romance” instead of “teen/childrens,” so they may trip some of the keywords that Apple undoubtedly uses to try to weed the worst of the Throbbing Purple P….rose.

        I wonder if they’re having someone actually watch the content in the new interactive books, to look out for people adding Debby Does Dallas to something random, in order to put egg on Apple’s face. That could account for the long delay — no real way to automate any kind of “does it have these words in it?” search to triage human intervention.

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