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Comments on the Dream

16 April 2012

Passive Guy often says the best part of the blog is the comments.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had lots of terrific comments to KDP was my one shot at a lifelong dream that you shouldn’t miss.

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3 Comments to “Comments on the Dream”

  1. I love this thread, but I found it almost hard to read, and I didn’t respond. Why? Because of the couple of people who clearly didn’t get it.

    Considering how long this has been going on, I find it very demoralizing to find people who are still so unfamiliar with the subtext that they can’t understand what is really being said. It’s like people who, after a crash landing, don’t head for the emergency exits, but instead stop and try to get their carry on luggage out of the bin.

    I’m tired of dealing with baggage and fear.

    • Honestly, I sometimes feel that way about the critique groups I participate in. (Yes, you DO need to worry about your grammar! No, the reader WON’T just get swept away by your story!) It’s hard when you’re on step #4,548 to deal with someone who is unaware that there’s a step #1 (and who thinks you’re stupid to suggest it).

      But you’re educating, and when you educate, you often don’t see the result right away. You’re opening doors for people. Eventually they may even go through them.

      • Agreed- and Camille, you’re one of the better educators out there. Try not to let the blindness dishearten you, and please, keep commenting! A lot of us here really appreciate it. 🙂

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