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New Front-Lit Screen for Next Generation Of E-Ink Kindle?

7 April 2012

From TechCrunch:

This week, I was lucky enough to get a chance to see what Amazon has cooking for its next generation of e-readers. Their new offices and the mysterious Lab 126 are just down the street, after all, so I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened before now.

Back in November, I speculated that the new Kindles and Nooks and what have yous might have glowing screens, the likes of which we’ve seen occasionally but were never fully implemented. It turns out Amazon was thinking the same thing, and actually bought a company that was, I am told, the world leader in light-guide technology.

. . . .

The device I saw was crudely camouflaged in a sort of cardboard enclosure, but the screen was clearly visible. With a tap, a slider popped up on the screen, and as it was dragged to the right, the screen lit up evenly with a rather cool light. In the dark, it was plainly noticeable as a glow, and in uneven light — say, shade or a shuttered room — the slight illumination made the screen much more readable. At full blast it was definitely projecting some light (technically speaking it was reflecting it), but it was still a soft glow and not the harsh flashlight of a backlit LCD.

Link to the rest at TechCrunch and thanks to Patricia for the tip.

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2 Comments to “New Front-Lit Screen for Next Generation Of E-Ink Kindle?”

  1. Now that’s interesting. I was planning on getting a kindle touch. May e I’ll wait on this one!

  2. That sounds really awesome. I have a light for my Kindle but it’s not really satisfying–even if it worked consistently, I doubt it’s possible for an external light to evenly illuminate the screen. Assuming this frontlit version is available for the Touch or Keyboard, I might have to upgrade when it comes out.

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