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Passive Voice Day!

27 April 2012

SFGate has officially declared that today is Passive Voice Day:

It is untrue that Friday, April 27, will have nothing to distinguish itself from the mass of weekdays.

It was English teachers around the world over who taught writers not to use weak constructions. Friday, though, thanks to a blogger named Shaun, their heartfelt pleas in favor of the active voice are supposed to be ignored during Passive Voice Day 2012.

The idea has been picked up by Language Log and by social media, whose members are asked to use the hashtag #passivevoiceday to make sure the fun is spread around.

A jolly good time will be had by all.

Link to the rest at SFGate and thanks to Leah for the tip.

For those who want to celebrate even more, there is even a book about The Passive Voice. 🙂

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13 Comments to “Passive Voice Day!”

  1. It is to be expected this would be appreciated by you.

  2. The day will be celebrated by fans of this blog everywhere.

  3. This is so very liked by me!

    I once had a critiquer tell me passive is not to be used — ever — even when the dialogue read, “The body was found in the hallway.” Whutttt?

    • “The body showed itself to the cleaning lady when she stepped into the hallway.”

      Incredible initiative being shown by that corpse. Good show.

  4. Shouldn’t that be “It has been officially declared by SFGate that today is Passive Voice Day?”

  5. Great is the amusement being felt by me. So uncommon is grammar humor that it can’t be enjoyed by myself very often.

    Passive Guy, congratulations you are wished by me for the luck possessed by you in a day being named after you!

  6. Every day is Passive Voice Day for me.

    I’d take you to lunch, PG, but I’m too busy reading your blog.

  7. Oppressors of the passive voice will be resisted!

    Also this: http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2009/03/22/active_resistance/

  8. Happy Passive Voice Day!!!

    Awesome! It falls right on my birthday! =o)

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