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Top 1,000 Best Romance Novels

27 April 2012

Pride and Prejudice is number one.

Sense and Sensibility is number two.

Jane Eyre is number three.

997 others follow.

Link to the rest at RomanceNovels.me


6 Comments to “Top 1,000 Best Romance Novels”

  1. I love best lists. So subjective.

    I’m not a big fan of the classics.

  2. I can see having a top 100 list. Top one THOUSAND? Insane. Heck, all I have to do for that is wander upstairs to my library. I’m pretty sure I have at LEAST a thousand romance novels in there.

  3. Besides, it’s wrong. It has Flowers from the Storm at 18. Absolutely should be at #1.

  4. I’d have to agree with the top 3 spots. And #4 should go to Barbara Cartland with anything she’d ever written.

  5. I don’t even understand how a top 10 list is possible.

  6. What an odd collection. The Conqueror by Georgette Heyer is a fictionalized and at times very dry book about William the Conqueror from birth to taking over England. The romance is thin on the ground and includes a scene where William shows up and beats his future wife, but not in any erotic manner. (She had objected to marrying a bastard which pissed him off because he was a bit touchy about that particular fact.) It was originally published in the 1930’s not 1966. Almost any other book by her except perhaps Lord John would have more romance in it.

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