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Was Self-Publishing The Right Decision?

27 April 2012

From author David Gaughran:

Sunday will mark a year since I first uploaded to Amazon. At the time, I was wrestling with a question that many writers are still dealing with today: should I self-publish?

. . . .

Regular readers will know that I broke my own impasse by deciding to publish some short stories, while holding A Storm Hits Valparaiso in reserve. It was still being considered by a handful of agents, and I wasn’t completely convinced that self-publishing was the right approach.

. . . .

Looking back a year later, I’m sure I made the right decision. In my first twelve months, I sold 3,482 books and made well over $8,000. Not all of that is profit, I estimate $3,000 went out the door in expenses (haven’t tallied those yet), but $5,000+ is a pretty solid first year.

Aside from those 3,482 paid sales, I gave away well over 30,000 books and had a story go viral on Wattpad, where it is approaching one million reads.

. . . .

Whatever way you slice it, whether free or paid, thousands upon thousands of readers have been exposed to my work in the last twelve months. And I’ve made some money. Self-publishing has been paying my rent since August.

Things are looking up too. I’ve been growing month-on-month. I’ve sold around 500 books in each of the last two months. And, in a couple of weeks, my 2012 sales will overtake my total for all of 2011.

. . . .

We also mustn’t forget that the market continues to grow, both in the US and elsewhere. I’ll be releasing a variety of translations to capitalize on this, beginning with the French edition of Let’s Get Digital in a matter of weeks.

. . . .

But the biggest change has been on a personal level. I don’t even recognize that guy who used to fester in slushpiles all over Manhattan. I have more confidence in my work and in myself.

For the first time that my destiny is in my hands. Making a living from writing is no longer a mere pipe dream; now it’s a possibility within reach.

Link to the rest at Let’s Get Digital

PG says David’s success is particularly gratifying given how much he has helped indie authors all over the world with his writing, blog posts and comments.

David Gaughran, Self-Publishing

6 Comments to “Was Self-Publishing The Right Decision?”

  1. Congratulations on your success! I’m still on the fence but I am leaning toward self publishing or I’ve even thought of doing both if there was a happy meduim with that.
    Anyway, great story!

  2. Happy Anniversary, David!

    David’s right how much your confidence in your work improves when absolute strangers buy your books and tell you they love them.

  3. His “Let’s Get Digital” was of immense use to me – I’m glad he had a good first year.

  4. this is a great posting and watching David over the past year has given me encouragement.

  5. Thank you very much guys (and PG for the mention). It has been a great year.

  6. Dave’s success has everything to do with how much he has helped everyone. It’s called karma. =o)

    Congrats, Dave!!!

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