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Stephenie Meyer speaks about E.L. James

31 May 2012

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  1. Patricia Sierra

    That strikes me as a perfect response.

  2. brendan stallard


    Thanks for that.

    I think Ms Meyer is a very generous spirited lady.

    Good on her.


  3. I’m awaiting the moment someone points out the blatant copying/alterations of her books in Fifty Shades.

    The interviewer sounded like he was ignoring the news on that.

  4. I think she said it brilliantly: “She obviously had a story in her, and it was going to come out one way or another.” I would guess that Meyer is aware of the similarities and how the 50 shades book started. Sounds to me like she takes the attitude that it was someone else’s words and events, ergo it’s a different story. Perhaps she is herself thinking of books that inspired her, or that she was accused of having cribbed from–The Vampire Diaries comes to mind, the original animal-eating vampire goes to high school series–and has from her personal creative experience the point of view that creative work happens from a synthesizing of an individual’s experiences with other works and their own imagination. Anyway, I think her response to the controversy has been rational and classy. Good on her. 🙂

  5. It doesn’t play in Canada. 🙁 Damn those region restrictions.

  6. I think she came across here as gracious and confident.

  7. Yeah, she did a good job responding to that. Didn’t insert foot into mouth at all, and she seems to understand that sometimes a story idea can come from another novel and have similarities. Though I haven’t read the 50 Shades books, so I have no clue how similar they are. Didn’t it start as fanfiction for Twilight though? Or something like that.

    In any case, she handled that without exploding. Way to go.

    • Yes, it started as fanfic for Twilight, but from everything I’ve seen without actually reading either series, it was more in the realm of “Naive Girl, Worldly older Guy with Problems,” a certain writing style imitation, and pasting the names of the Twilight characters over the archetypes involved. Oh, and hawt kinky sexxors. (Well, I didn’t find the excerpts very hawt, or hot even, but it’s been a while since I fanned myself over anything in a book that I didn’t write myself.)

  8. In The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide Stephanie is asked about new stories. Her response is that every story has been told, an author is just telling it in a new way. With comments like that from before Ffity Shades came out, I suspect she’s not the type to make too much out of this.

    Yes, the characters have a lot of similirities, but also quite a few differences. The story itself is very different, it falls under a different genre and appeals to a different readership.

    Now if it was pulling sales from Twlight, that would be different. At this point it’s probably more likely to increase sales of Twilight. I see no need for her to go after EL James. Besides, I’m sure her lawyers have already looked into the possibility of suing or stopping this and decided it wasn’t worth pusuing.

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