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The House at Pooh Corner is for Sale

17 May 2012

From the sales listing:

Delightful Cotchford Farm enjoys a fascinating provenance with both literary and musical connections. In 1925, the house was bought by the renowned author, dramatist and poet A.A Milne as a country retreat for himself, his wife and son, Christopher Robin. It was here, amidst the beautiful Sussex countryside and surrounding woodland where the wonderful stories of Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh came to life, now world famous childhood classics.

The local area is now commonly referred to as ‘Pooh Country’ and places in the books such as the 500 acre wood, Galleons Lap, Poohsticks bridge and Pooh Corner are all based on nearby locations, where Christopher Robin used to visit with his bear ‘Winnie The Pooh’.

The guide price is £2,000,000 and here’s the link to the rest at the Savills.

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12 Comments to “The House at Pooh Corner is for Sale”

  1. All mistakes in life come from ignoring the sage advice found in WINNIE THE POOH.

  2. Does anyone have two million pounds I could borrow?

    • I don’t think this would work for a Kickstarter project.

      • I bet it would depend on what you were going to do with the place – I feel it needs to be bought and preserved… I mean it’s Whinnie-the-Pooh!

        Can you imagine being able to go and visit it? Spend a day in the 100 acre woods… Oh that would be lovely! *grins*

      • You’re probably right, PG. Oh well, I’m off to buy lottery tickets …

  3. It’s the Hundred Acre Wood – not 500! Goodness, that’s the official listing – you’d think they’d have their Pooh trivia straight!

  4. I still think we should all chip in a few, and make it “The House at PV Corner.” Think of the mad parties, literary salons, and writing retreats we could have! 😉

  5. It even has an in-ground, um, Poohl.

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