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Self-published romance climbs the lists

30 June 2012

By Laura Hazard Owen on Paid Content’s Bestsellers Breakdown:

Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Here’s a good way for a book to become a New York Times bestseller: Have Jeff Bezos mention it on Amazon’s homepage. That’s what happened to self-published authorJessica Park, whose YA novel Flat-Out Love got a shout-out from Bezos on June 18. This week, it hits the NYT ebook bestseller list for the first time at #25.

Park co-writes the “Gourmet Girl” mystery series with her mom, Susan Conant. That series is traditionally published by Penguin. But Park self-published her first YA novel, Relatively Famous, as well as some e-singles. She tried to sell Flat-Out Love to a traditional publisher “because I had it in my head that I needed that big-time validation,” but when it didn’t work she self-published instead.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Another self-pubbed book, Jamie McGuire‘s Beautiful Disaster, is #9 on the NYT ebook list this week and #24 on the USA Today list. Beautiful Disaster, a romance about college students Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox, is McGuire’s fourth self-published book. . . The Oklahoma mom is also expecting her third child in the fall, so after that she’ll take some time off and then start working on another book, Red Hill, about a mother’s survival of the zombie apocalypse. “It’s going to be fun, I love zombies, and I can’t wait to write it,” she says.

All this and zombies, too!

More recommendations and info from the NYT ebook bestseller list and USA Today’s combined list at Paid Content.

Guest post by Bridget McKenna

Amazon, Bestsellers, Ebooks, Romance, Self-Publishing, YA

6 Comments to “Self-published romance climbs the lists”

  1. Interesting! Self-publishers are making a big splash! 🙂

    I didn’t know that Bezos actually reads the books!

  2. Flat Out Love was liked… and rejected… by 14 editors in NY. Here’s Jessica’s story – worth a read! And wonderful to see this outcome for her.


  3. She isn’t Paul Park’s sister, is she? No, I don’t think so.

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