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James Thurber Inscription

30 June 2012

Far too early in life, James Thurber began losing his eyesight.  He started to write with a black grease pencil and most inscriptions were done by his wife, Helen.  What we have here is something I think quite rare–in James’ own hand.  Peter and Ebie are The Blumes, he a famous artist, Ebie the famous friend of everyone in the neighborhood, and godparents to Rob, the son of Malcolm and Muriel Cowley.  The Thurbers lived nearby in Cornwall Connecticut, the Cowleys in Sherman.  It was an artistic community, Alexander “Sandy” Calder the famous sculpture, was a pal. Lillian Hellman routinely showed up at gatherings.  A veritable who’s who of luminaries from their time.

In gloomy times and good, no one is more fun to read than James Thurber.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, My World and Welcome To It, The Thurber Carnival, Men, Women and Dogs and many others to choose from will get you started laughing this summer.




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7 Comments to “James Thurber Inscription”

  1. I love James Thurber! A great humorist. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Warren: 🙂

  3. My mother introduced me to the works of James Thurber so long ago that he was alive at the time. I’ve been a devout fan ever since. I have a Thurber Carnival by my bedside–one of my (relatively) few remaining paper books.

  4. James Thurber’s style — both visual and in storytelling — is so influential to me, that when a Thurber-esque incident happens in my real life, I don’t remember it as it happened, I remember it as a series of Thurber drawings.

  5. Claire Merriam Hoffman

    I love Thurber too.

    Growing up my family’s favorite book was The Thirteen Clocks. My big brother would read it to his younger siblings when we went on vacation. I passed the tradition down to my son. If you haven’t read it aloud to your children you are missing out. It’s a magical story of made-up words and rhetorical devices about a cold Duke that always wears gloves, the Princess Sarah Linda who is warm in every wind and weather, a prince whose name begins with X but doesn’t, the Golux who is not a mere device, and the Todal who gleeps.

    I can not tell you more… for I must leave for foreign lands for I have mentioned mittens. 😉

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