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The best marketing campaign…

21 June 2012

18 Comments to “The best marketing campaign…”

  1. Sort of like those ads for Target. They never mention the name but the brand is so strong, you instantly know what the commercial is for (maybe it’s all those red bulleyes!)

  2. What an awesome commercial! That’s the kind you want to watch again, because you can’t possibly pick up on everything at the same time.

    My takeaway: Do something different with your marketing. Try to connect with your readers as opposed to shoving something down their throats. Ask yourself, “What can I try to do for them? What problems keep them up at night?”

  3. Aw, this is lovely. Random acts of kindness caught on video. Kudos to the coca cola employee who thought of that.

    Of course, that does raise a question for me. I did not know that Coke has security cameras. What are they watching? Their coke machines? Just wondering.

    • Hi Mira. I think these are clips taken from security cameras, not Coke security cameras.

    • Vending machines have cameras in my country. It’s around 10% though. The one around the corner has an obvious one (they have vending machines on the street here – honest society). It swivels left to right.

  4. Coke is very good at these ads.

  5. Outstanding marketing campaign, and outstanding people caught being human in the best sense of the word.

  6. I don’t know if this is a great marketing campaign. It is a great video though, and maybe, just maybe, Coca-cola is trying to practice what it preaches by putting this out and cheering us up!? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ahhh. When I saw this on your blog, I thought it wasn’t real, that it was all staged. That’s so cool that those things really did happen. Too cool. And yeah, it does us make me feel good, just like a bottle of Coke, lol.

  8. Great commercial. But does it work? Personally, I prefer Pepsi products. And most people already have their preferences set. So do fun commercials like this one really encourage anyone to go out and drink a Coke?

    I have my doubts.

    • If you like it, yes. I was just thinking about a coffee. I was going to get a vending machine one, but maybe I’ll get a coke. The machine for that is closer to my apartment. Then again, I’m going to try and resist. I’m on a diet and both are bad for me.

    • You’re thinking of a “switch” campaign, which is intended to get people to change brands. This is more of a “hold” campaign, designed to reinforce good feelings about the brand by people who already buy it, a tactic often used by market leaders, who want to hold that position. If you look at Coke vs. Pepsi advertising, notice how often Pepsi compares themselves to Coke (a switch campaign tactic), whereas in Coke ads, Pepsi (or any other brand) is almost never mentioned. The only time I can think of Coke making a comparison is the campaign for Diet Coke, where the Coke brand managers are mad because Diet Coke has stolen their “real Coke taste.” IOW, Coke only compares itself to itself.

  9. That was pretty good. Nice one coke. Coke = company with sense of humor and memorable video. Way to go associating joy with the Coke (images, images, funny, happy, bing – coke.)

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