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12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

18 July 2012

From Mashable:

Getting around a social media site is not always easy. For some users, it’s a matter of getting used to social media. For others, the issue is keeping up with constant updates and changes to features, privacy settings, and account specifications. This, of course, is why social media cheat sheets exist.

Cheat sheets are basically infographics that can give a user a simple rundown of various features and how to use them. Here’s a roundup of great cheat sheets for the most popular social networking sites.

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Link to the rest at Mashable

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  1. How helpful is this! Thanks PG

  2. Wow thank you!! I’m bookmarking both mashups.com and makeuseof.com. PG you rock!

  3. Wow, these are amazingly cool. And helpful!

    Thank you!

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