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The New Kindle Fire: What We Know

30 July 2012

From PC World:

Early predictions were that the Internet’s largest retailer would refresh its Kindle Fire tablet by the end of July. With July just about finished, that seems to have been wishful thinking. Now it appears that refresh will occur closer to the one-year anniversary of the tablet in September.

. . . .

Amazon has been as tight-lipped about a refresh of Fire as Apple is about its new products, but there’s a consensus among forecasters that the company is ready to compete directly with the iPad by introducing a ten-inch model.

According to reports, the new larger Fire will have a quad core processor, front-facing camera, micro USB port, and maybe even an HDMI-out port.

A display upgrade is a must. At 1024 by 600 pixels, the current Fire is antiquated compared to the new Nexus 7 with its 1280 by 800 screen.

. . . .

As Amazon did when it introduced the Fire last year, it’s likely to refresh the whole Kindle line. Recent reports predict that six new Kindle models will be introduced, all with different-sized screens.

Link to the rest at PC World and thanks to Bridget for the tip.

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