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Commenting Policy on The Passive Voice

15 August 2012

This says it better than Passive Guy could.

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10 Comments to “Commenting Policy on The Passive Voice”

  1. Perfect, PG. Just perfect.

  2. I wish more people could remember this. I think this is why I’m so tentative in my interactions online. Nice video.

  3. Beautiful.

  4. Bartholomew Thockmorton


    The savages over on the eBay Comic Book chat roon should watch this, like, a hundred times!

  5. Bartholomew Thockmorton

    Ha! “Roon”…so much for expert editing!

  6. Thank-you! I’m going to share that in a few places.

  7. Lol, most of that seems fine to me. The shopkeeper should have just shrugged and kept working. Her business is better than anyone’s criticism. The dating girl was fine. The guys are clearly BSing her. Women get that men in that situation are scamming most of the time. It’s good to be picky with online dating and maybe she’s not ready.

    As for the message, I’ve worked customer service. I’ve had my ass kicked (physically and verbally) by customers (long story). People don’t need the Internet to ‘rage kill’, They do just fine without. Also, as for dating, I used to expect several girls a night to blow me off (harshly or not so harshly) if I went to a nightclub and I wasn’t scamming or coming on all wild. My mother would be proud of my game (politest drunk I’ve ever seen). It’s totally allowable for a woman or an attractive man to blow someone off in a dating situation. They have the power. If anything, online daters take more time and are more selective. They also tend to be more willing to commit to friendships or whatever more readily than someone you meet in the real world (ah, my youth… fun times.) in the end, the Internet is a bad place with razors out and ready, but the real world sucks too. People do evil every day and, you know, that’s fine. At least with the internet I can turn it off. ;p

    But for PG:


    Point taken.

  8. I love Derek Sivers. An amazing, inspirational guy.

  9. Excellent! I like your style, PG.

  10. Great video. Made me think. I was quite harsh toward an agent in my comments here last week. I did it deliberately, to really make my point, but I’ve felt bad about it since. I didn’t need to use a particular word.

    I need to be more careful. I appreciate this video.

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