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E-Books a Boon to English Israelis

31 August 2012

From TeleRead:

Haaretz has a neat little quickie about English-speaking expats living in Israel who are turning to e-books to get their work in readers’ hands. One author approached an agent, was told the lag time would be a year-and-a-half and didn’t want to wait that long. Another deemed her Israeli-themed historical fiction too niche to attract a mainstream publisher, and a third is still considering options for her young adult fantasy story.

The profile highlights well the main benefits of e-publishing: control and timeliness.

Author Steven Greenberg could get his post-apocalyptic Israeli-set thriller out there right away, and he enjoyed some success on the Amazon best-seller list when he briefly offered it for free. Miriam Feinberg Vamosh had to pay for the cover art and page design herself, but was pleased by the result and says it was “money well spent.”

Link to the rest at TeleRead

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