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What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostic Guide

31 August 2012

From The Atlantic Wire:

The Chronological Reader. Slow and steady wins the race, dear reader. You are the tortoise to the promiscuous reader’s distracted-at-any-turn hare. You buy a book, you read it. You buy another, you read it. Perhaps you borrow a book at the library. You read it, and then you return it, and you get another, which you will read. You may not remember where you began, what the first book that kicked it all off was, and you likely have no idea where you’ll end, but the point is, you will go through each book methodically and reasonably, until it is done. You might discard a book, but only if there is very good cause, and it will bring you a sense of deep unease, so you’ll probably pick it back up and finish it anyway. You are very good at puzzles, and the most reliable of all your friends. Suggested chronological reads: It doesn’t matter; you’ll get to them all, eventually.

. . . .

The Cross-Under. You are a grown-up who reads Y.A. or kids books, or a kid who reads adult books, and there is a place for you in society, finally. Your existence acknowledged after so many years, you no longer have to feel shame at your questionable reading habits but can instead bask in the admiration of book blogs and feel a part of the vanguard. You are not ruled by categories; you are a free thinker. When you were in elementary school a librarian told you a book was “Too old for you.” You read it anyway, and there’s been no going back.

Link to the rest at The Atlantic Wire

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9 Comments to “What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostic Guide”

  1. Haha, “Too old for you.” definitely sounds familiar… I think the first time I heard that, I was in grade 3, and wanted to read the grade 6 books (Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, IIRC)…

    Nowadays (35+ years later), I’m as likely to read YA like Tamora Pierce as non-YA books.

  2. Where is the “if I don’t want to read it one sitting it must not be worth reading” reader?

  3. If you go to the article, there’s a link to more types, and I think that one’s even better. (Granted, I only skimmed.) The second list includes the type of reader I am and thought most people who actually read are–always reading and have a book at all times–and also The Cat, which is an important type of reader that everyone should be aware of.

  4. The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader–yep, that’s me. DH thought I was insane for actually reading the articles in his Playboy.

    Until he noticed I also read the Cheerios box and his chemo IV bag.

  5. This is a really fun article! I agree with Claire, the second list is good, too.

    I’m definitely a Cross-under. Well, I read alittle of everything, but probably my favorites are YA.

    I’m also a Re-Reader type. I have my comfy favorites.

    Kudos to the writers of the article! It never really occured to me that people read things differently…

  6. I’m afraid I’m a book-buster.

  7. Oh dear … some journo always wants to generate easy copy by trying to slot people into boxes rather than come up with decent copy.

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