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Why Kindle Direct Publishing Will Transform Indian Self-Publishing

30 August 2012

From Publishing Perspectives:

The Kindle Publishing Direct’s DIY publishing service was introduced to India alongside the ‘India Kindle Store’, as we discussed yesterday. It is most likely to lead a flurry of books by new authors in India, many of who find it hard to capture the attention of a “traditional” publisher. Recent successes in commercial fiction by social-media savvy young authors, who are able to promote themselves well, have inspired many among the youth to get published.

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The Mumbai-based prolific author Ashok Banker, known for the bestselling Ramayana Series (Penguin Books India), has been publishing his work on digital platforms since 1995. “At the time, almost nothing that I wrote was being published. Even as that changed and I began to find success with traditional publishing, I enjoyed the direct contact with readers. Every book I’ve written in the past 18 years has first been shared online by thousands of readers and their feedback has been invaluable in building my career,” he says.

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For an author the attraction of e-book publishing might not always be about the costs of publishing. “It is the ease and low cost of distribution and purchase,” says Banker. His readers can either opt in for a subscription scheme ($49/Rs2,700 for 50 e-books in a one-year period) or buy single titles. “KDP is excellent. It is the best platform for authors to publish, or publishers to release e-books.” Banker, whose readers are “pan-global” will soon expand his store by taking his books to other platforms like iBooks and iTunes, Smashwords etc. “But some, like B&N [PubIt!], which only permits US authors to publish on the Nook — another form of the industry bias that comes from traditional publishing — are inaccessible.”

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2 Comments to “Why Kindle Direct Publishing Will Transform Indian Self-Publishing”

  1. I am so excited about the expansion of Kindle into India 🙂

    1) as above article, Indian authors have a chance to publish to a wider audience & we get the benefit of their writing

    2) Indie authors will sell more books to a huge English speaking market because our lower prices will still be ok even with currency exchange. Trad pub will find this hard since their prices won’t convert so well.

    3) We can build a reader fanbase in India which is an amazing country! It’s one of my goals to speak in India, as I love the place and am desperate to go back. The English have deep ties with the country 🙂

    Thanks, Joanna

  2. I also very interested in watching what happens in India. It’s really fascinating to see the impact technology can have on a culture, and the explosion of art that will come with writers finally having access to unhindered publication.

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