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e-book Cover Design Awards, August 2012

17 September 2012

From book designer Joel Friedlander:

Here’s what we received:
98 covers in the Fiction category
24 covers in the Nonfiction category

. . . .

Once again the talented Damonza, a previous winner for nonfiction, shows how to combine all the elements of a cover into a cohesive and striking whole. We get intimations of the story, atmospherics, a good deal of menace and some customized typography that helps to bring the whole thing together.

. . . .

Man oh man, when it all comes together it really works. Here the talented illustrator and designer Kyle T. Webster hits it out of the park by really capturing the fun and excitement and hypnotic attachment we have with our smartphones. Powerful graphics and a constant focus on the task of the book cover clearly set this one apart.

Link to the rest with lots more covers and commentary from Joel at The Book Designer

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5 Comments to “e-book Cover Design Awards, August 2012”

  1. I think I got a participation ribbon for this. Not even a comment from JF. 🙂

  2. Me too, Sariah, but I figure at least he didn’t hate it… I liked the tag line on your cover.

    I think Pulchritude was my favorite.

  3. Wow, these covers are awesome. I especially like the Fiction one. That is amazing.

  4. Looked at it earlier, and got a comment this time (Dementional). A positive comment! Am I allowed to squee? 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that the fiction cover, while definitely interesting, has been done a thousand times before?

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