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Six audiences

15 September 2012

This blog post from Seth Godin has implications for the business of being an indie author:

You get what you focus on. Focus on nothing, and you won’t get much.

. . . .

You can choose to focus your best work on attracting new customers. This evangelical growth model is going to change your pricing and your product development efforts too.

. . . .

Contrast this with the organization that puts a priority on delighting existing customers.

. . . .

Every organization chooses its own audience, and that choice is based on the architecture of the industry, the mindset of the boss and the history of how you got here. But don’t doubt that it changes everything you do.

Link to the rest at Seth Godin

Seth Godin

One Comments to “Six audiences”

  1. Focus on:
    * sales force
    * stock market
    * potential new customers
    * existing customers
    * employees
    * or regulators

    Hmm. I suppose . . . I’m focusing on delighting existing customers. Problem is . . . since I’m new to the publishing scene, I don’t have a fan base yet. Maybe I should be focusing on potential new customers!

    Thing is, I’m not a marketing type. In my own mind, I’m focusing on writing stories that delight me! I’m one of those “fussy” readers Camille speaks of, and I wish more writers were writing stories to delight me!

    Food for thought. Thanks for the excerpt, PG!

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