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The Hub and Outpost Method of Social Media Marketing

10 September 2012

From book designer Joel Friedlander:

Do you feel like you’d like to get more involved in social media to market your books? Are you hearing a lot of people tell you that it’s a great way for authors to find readers and build community?

Do you wonder whether you should set up house on a Facebook fan page? Concentrate on Twitter? Don’t you have to be on there for hours?

It’s all pretty confusing when you’re new.

I know, I remember getting started on Twitter myself. I just sat and watched what other people were doing for months. I wanted to be sure I “got it” before diving in.

Eventually I got over my hesitation and learned to enjoy social media, but there’s a reason for that—I discovered a great way to make the whole thing manageable: this simple “hub-and-outpost” method to organize my social media marketing.

. . . .

Set Up Your Hub

This method of organizing your social media activity requires that you set up a Hub that will be your “home base.” It could be a blog or a website.

What’s important here is that you own it. You own the domain name; it doesn’t belong to another entity the way that blogs on blogspot.com or wordpress.com are part of a larger company. You need a place over which you exert ownership, which you can control without worrying about other people’s “terms of service.”

. . . .

Explore to Find Outposts

Outposts depend on your own subject matter and preferences for working, but they have to be places where people interested in your subject congregate.

You might find effective outposts in:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter accounts
  • Forums that deal with your topic
  • Photo sharing sites like your stream on Flickr.com
  • Video sites like your channel on YouTube.com
  • Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon.com
  • Networking sites like LinkedIn.com
  • Specialized niche sites like those run on Ning.com

. . . .

At your outposts you post links to content you’ve published at your hub. But you’ll also contribute content to the outpost sites, too.

Link to the rest at The Book Designer

Joel will be doing a webinar on hub and outpost marketing for the Independent Book Publishers Association. Click here for more information.

Joel Friedlander, Social Media

6 Comments to “The Hub and Outpost Method of Social Media Marketing”

  1. Not to be confused with a hub and spoke price-fixing conspiracy.

  2. This is a good way to organize your thinking.

    I’m still hot and cold about social media. I continue to fight it because I’d rather have the time go to writing. Although it is fun to meet and connect with people.

    But organizing it in your mind might help cut time spent on it. More focused.

  3. Whenever I read stuff like this, I am reminded of Susan’s blog:


    Every author should read it before being taken in by the great Social media scam.

  4. Someone who does social networking well is Howard Tayler of http://www.schlockmercenary.com . He has a blog on the website with news about the comic and conventions he is attending. He also tweets regularly but doesn’t spam.


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