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Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD Is Another Worthy $199 Tablet

31 October 2012

From Time magazine:

Barnes & Noble‘s new Nook HD, which arrives in the retailer’s stores this Thursday, competes with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD about as directly as it’s possible for one product to rival another.

They’re both $199 tablets with 7″ screens. They both use customized versions of Android to provide experiences that emphasize the consumption of content — books, magazines, video, apps and more — that you’ve purchased from the company that sold you the tablet. It’s the same basic idea from two different bookselling behemoths.

. . . .

The Nook HD has a higher-resolution screen. It’s got 1440-by-900 pixels, a meaningful increase over the Kindle Fire HD’s 1280-by-800.

It’s narrower and lighter. The Nook HD’s curvy case (available in white and gray versions) is 5″ wide vs. the Fire HD’s 5.4″, a difference that sounds insignificant but makes for a more single-hand-friendly design. And at 11.1 oz., it’s enough lighter than the 13.9-oz. Fire HD that you notice the difference as you hold it up to read. 

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4 Comments to “Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD Is Another Worthy $199 Tablet”

  1. This is good news because it will keep Amazon on their toes. Gotta love competition!

  2. I looked very hard at both the Kindle HD, the iPad mini and the new Nook and bought a Nexus 7 ($199). The Nexus has the advantage of not being tied into the ecosystem of either Amazon or B&N, runs unmodified Jelly Bean (the latest Android software) and will permit reading from any of the major ebook suppliers (I use Aldiko (which will sync across devices if you root them – easy to do), PlayBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and B&N) plus access to the entire app system. (The iBooks ecosystem is a disaster.) Competition is indeed wonderful.

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