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Daydreaming Boosts Creativity

20 October 2012

From The Huffington Post:

Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, found an association between daydreaming and creative problem-solving. Their study involved having participants first conduct an “unusual use task” — where they had to try to come up with as many weird ways to use an object as they could.

Then, the study participants did one of four things before doing the “unusual use task” again: perform a demanding task (where, presumably, their attention would be totally occupied by the task); perform an undemanding task; take a 12-minute break; or skip the 12-minute break and move right on to the task exercise again.

Researchers found that the only group who did better on the “unusual use task” the second time compared to the first time were the participants who completed the undemanding task. . . . [P]eople assigned to the undemanding task also reported high levels of daydreaming while completing this task.

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6 Comments to “Daydreaming Boosts Creativity”

  1. Win Wenger, PhD, author of The Einstein Factor, says we don’t stop dreaming just because we’re awake–it’s a state of consciousness that persists under our waking and sleeping lives. In the book, he teaches how to use our constant daydreaming to increase creativity and intelligence in general. Well worth a read, I think.

    • Thanks, Bridget. I’m going to see if I can find it for my Nook…I can’t believe this doesn’t have an ebook version. Why do publishers make things so difficult? I’d have to wait for an ordered copy or actually drive to the bookstore to see if they have a copy. Grrr! I’m spoiled on the instant download of ebooks.

    • Oh, cool! That’s a new idea to me. I’m going to read it also.

  2. Yet schools punish the daydreamers. You must “stay on task” at all times. Sorry, just the venting of the mother of a creative girl who is caught daydreaming or drawing in class way too often. 😉

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