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Fallen tree on New Haven Green unearths human skeleton

31 October 2012

Nothing to do with books, but it might be a great idea for starting a story:

From The New Haven Register:

Talk about an eerie Halloween story. Hurricane turned Superstorm Sandy toppled a majestic old oak on the Upper Green and intertwined in the dirt and roots was a human skeleton.

Police were called, as was the state medical examiner.

Link to the rest, including a photo, at New Haven Register

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9 Comments to “Fallen tree on New Haven Green unearths human skeleton”

  1. This is just the sort of brain candy my twisted little muse loves. Le sigh.

  2. Oh gee, thanks. Like I need MORE plot bunnies hopping around, all vying for attention! 😛

  3. That’s pretty wonderful.

    Recently, a Facebook post revealed the best way to reveal passive voice in writing (beloved of newspapers everywhere) was to add “…by zombies” to the end of the clause in question. If it still makes sense, it’s in passive voice. So in this case “Police were called by zombies” makes perfect sense!

    Happy Halowe’en!

  4. Jimmy? Jimmy Hoffa? Is that you?

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