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The Haunted Libraries of Pittsburgh

31 October 2012

From BookRiot:

Carnegie Library, Mount Washington Branch

This library opened its doors in the summer of 1900. Physically, little has changed. The circulation desk is the same one that patrons saw when they walked in the doors on opening day. The creaks, groans, and wheezes that are heard are typical for a building that is more than 110 years old, but there is something more. It is not unusual for the librarians to feel a sense of dread when they are the last one out for the night. There are no dark tales in this particular library’s past, though – not that anyone knows of.  In an effort to explain these uneasy feelings, the Haunted Pittsburgh folks asked a local medium to visit and get to know any other-wordly inhabitants. On just the first floor, she identified 7 spirits. All of them are locals who enjoyed the library in life and have found it a pleasant place to pass the time now that they are dead. One spirit is especially active. Her name is Clara, and she likes to help patrons find the titles that they are looking for. Sometimes, she even gently guides patrons to titles that she thinks they will enjoy.

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6 Comments to “The Haunted Libraries of Pittsburgh”

  1. Thanks for solving my after-life occupation. Being a library guiding spirit beats both harp and pitchfork.

  2. Oh, my. The Mt. Washington branch is the branch library my mother took me to every week for years so I could get enough books to make it through to the next week.

    I will never forget how proud I was that at a young age I was given permission to cross over to the adult section to pick my books. I wonder if Clara guided me as I discovered the books that would become the basis of my career as an historian, and then my second career as a writer!! A career where my protagonist wrestles with the question of whether spirits are real or not!!!

    Thanks PG for this trip down memory lane!

    M. Louisa Locke

  3. Oooooo. Scary!

    Thanks for the Halloween chills, P.G. 🙂

  4. Oh honey, I spent my childhood with the librarian ghost in the Carnegie Library in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Believe me, it was interesting. Unfortunately the classic building is no longer a library. I believe it’s a museum. I wonder where she hangs out these days?

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